Full Frame Lenses for Sony E / Objectifs plein format Sony E

This article list all lenses available for sony FE mount (full frame) ,

for APS-C lenses check here : APS-C Lenses for Sony E / Objectifs APS-C pour Sony E

This article was updated in December 2019

Cet article que je mettrai à jour régulièrement reprend une analyse et différents test de toute la gamme disponible en Sony FE (FullFrame)

Pour les objectifs APS-C c’est ici : APS-C Lenses for Sony E / Objectifs APS-C pour Sony E

L’article à été mis à jour en Décembre 2019, n’hésitez pas a laisser des commentaires pour enrichir ce tableau


Brand / MarqueFocal /FocaleAperture / OuvertureName / NomPrice / PrixReview / TestSamples
Laowa9F5.6FF RL799 $  
Voigtlander10F5.6Hyper Wide Heliar 969 EurTestedAlbum
Laowa10-18F4.5-5.6 1000 EurTestedAlbum
Laowa11F4.5FF RL699$  
Thingyfy11 Pinhole Pro S69 EurTestedAlbum
Voigtlander12F5.6Ultra Wide Heliar 839 EurTestedAlbum
Venus12 F2.8Laowa Zero D 950$TestedAlbum
Samyang12F2.8ED AS NCS Fisheye479 EurTestedAlbum
Sony12-24F2.8GM3300 EurTestedAlbum
Sony12-24F4G2000 EurTestedBinder
Sigma14mmF1.8DG HSM Art1600 EurTestedAlbum
Samyang14F2.8AF649 EurTestedAlbum
Samyang14F2.8ED AS IF UMC395 EurTestedAlbum
Samyang14F2.8MF MK2469 EurTestedAlbum
Sigma14-24F2.8Art1529 EurTestedAlbum
Laowa15F2Zero D849$Tested
Laowa15F4Wide angle Macro 1 :1530$TestedAlbum
Voigtlander15F4.5Super wide Heliar699 EurTestedAlbum
Sony FE16-35F2.8GM2700 EurTestedAlbum
Sony FE C16-35T3.1G   
Sony FE16-35F4Zeiss1319 EurTestedAlbum
Tamron17-28F2.8Di III RXD1000 EurTestedAlbum
Samyang18F2.8AF400 EurTestedAlbum
Zeiss18F2.8Batis1500 EurTestedAlbum
Thingyfy18-36 Pinhole Pro X100 eurTestedAlbum
Sony E18-105F4G OSS PZ600 EurTestedAlbum
Sigma20F1.4DG HSM Art1000 eurTestedAlbum
Samyang20F1.8ED AS UMC499 EurTestedAlbum
Viltrox20F1.8PFU RMBH ASPH410 EurTestedAlbum
Sony20F1.8G1100 eurTestedAlbum
Mitakon20F2Macro X4-X5195 EurTestedAlbum
Tokina 20F2Firin MF899 EurTestedAlbum
Tokina20F2Firin AF1000 EurTestedAlbum
Tamron20F2.8Di III OSD M1:2450 EurTestedAlbum
Voigtander21F1.4Nokton Aspherical1000 EurTestedAlbum
Zeiss21F2.8Loxia1500 EurTestedAlbum
Voigtander21F3.5Color Skopar750 EurTestedAlbum
Sony24F1.4GM1600 eurTestedAlbum
Sigma24F1.4DG HSM Art860 EurTestedAlbum
Samyang241.4ED AS UMC430 EurTestedAlbum
Reflex24F1.8 TBC  
Kipon24F2.4Iberit350 EurTestedAlbum
Samyang24F2.8AF300 eurTestedAlbum
Tamron24F2.8Di III OSD M1:2450 EurTestedAlbum
Sigma24-70F2.8DG DN Art1200 EurTestedAlbum
Sony FE24-70F2.8GM2200 EurTestedAlbum
SamyangTS – 24F3.5ED AS UMCTilt Shift949 EurTestedAlbum
Sony FE24-240F3.5-6.3OSS1100 EurTestedAlbum
Sony FE24-70F4Carl Zeiss ZA OSS Vario-Tessar T*1129 EurTestedAlbum 
Sony FE24-105F4G OSS1300 EurTestedAlbum
Laowa24F14Probe Lens1500TestedAlbum
Zeiss25F2.4Loxia T*1300TestedAlbum
Zeiss25F2Batis1300 EurTestedAlbum
Laowa25F2.82.5-5X Macro500 EurTestedAlbum
Thingyfy26 Pinhole Pro80 EurTestedAlbum
Sigma28F1.4 1250 EurTestedAlbum
Sony FE28F2 479 EurTestedAlbum
Lensbaby28F2.5Velvet600 EurTestedAlbum
Lensbaby28F3.5Trio280 EurTestedAlbum
Sony FE28-70F3.5-5.6OSS280 EurTested Album
Sony FE28-135F4PZ OSS2400 EurTested 
Tamron28-75F2.8Di III RXD900 EurTestedAlbum
Tamron28-200F2.8-4.5Di III RXD870 EurTestedAlbum
Meyer Optik Gorlitz30F3.5Lydith II1600 EurTestedAlbum
Voigtländer 35F1.2Nokton SE1000 EurTestedAlbum
Sigma35F1.2DG DN Art1500 EurTestedAlbum
Kerlee35F1.2  Not tested 
Sony FE35 F1.4Carl ZeissZA FE Distagon T*1675 Eur CompTestedAlbum
Samyang35F1.4AF600 EurTestedAlbum
Samyang35F1.4AS UMC 519 EurTestedAlbum
7Artisans35F1.4  TestedAlbum
Sigma35F1.4DG HSM Art800 EurTestedAlbum
Voigtlander35F1.4Nokton Classic750 EurTestedAlbum
Sony35F1.8700 EurTestedAlbum
7Artisans35F2 240 EurTestedAlbum
Zeiss35F2Loxia Biogon T*1170 EurTestedAlbum
Kipon35F2.4Iberit350 EurTestedAlbum
Lensbaby35F2.8Burnside500 EurTestedAlbum
Tamron35F2.8Di III OSD M1:2450 EurTestedAlbum
Sony FE 35F2.8 Carl Zeiss ZA FE Sonnar T*819 EurComp 1Comp 2TestedAlbum
Samyang35F2.8AF300 EurTestedAlbum
Meyer Optik Gorlitz35F2.8Trioplan1600 EurTestedAlbum
Lensbaby35/50/80 Sweet optics with Composer Pro II700 $TestedAlbum
Voigtlander40F1.2Nokton1000 EurTestedAlbum
Sigma40F1 .4DG HSM Art TestedAlbum
Reflex40F1.8  Announced 
Zeiss40F2Batis CF1300 EurTestedAlbum
Lensbaby 45F3.5Sol200 EurTestedAlbum
Samyang 45F1.8AF400TestedAlbum
Sigma 45F2.8Contemporary600TestedAlbum
Mitakon50F0.95Speedmaster800 $TestedAlbum
Mitakon50F0.95Speedmaster III1000 $Not tested 
Meyer Optik Gorlitz50F0.95Nocturnus II3000 EurCancel. 
Zenit50F0.95Zenitar770$Not tested 
Meike50F1.2  TestedAlbum
Sony FE50F1.4Carl ZeissZA Planar T* 1650 EurCompTestedAlbum
Samyang50F1.4AF559 EurTestedAlbum
Samyang50F1.4AS UMC399 EurTestedAlbum
Sigma50F1.4DG HSM Art860 EurTestedAlbum
Meike50F1.7 99 EurTestedAlbum
Sony FE50F1.8 249 EurTestedAlbum
Yougnuo50F1.8AF Announced 
Voigtländer50F2Apo Lanthar1000 EurTestedAlbum
Zeiss50F2Loxia Planar T*860 EurTestedAlbum
Kipon50F2.4Iberit350 EurTestedAlbum
Sony FE50F2.8Macro529 EurTestedAlbum
Meyer Optik Gorliz50F2.9Trioplan1400 EurDisc. 
Kamlan55F1.2 500 EurTestedAlbum
LomographyPetzval55F1.7 II 400 eurTestedAlbum
Sony FE55F1.8Carl ZeissZA Sonnar T*1000 EurCompTestedAlbum
Brightin Star55F1.8 100 EurSoon 
Meyer Optik Gorlitz58F1.9Primoplan1600 EurTestedAlbum
Laowa60F2.8Laowa Ultra Macro 2 :1479 EurTestedAlbum
Voigtlander65F2Macro Apo Lanthar900 EurTestedAlbum
Sigma70F2.8DG Art550TestedAlbum
Tamron70-180F2.8 1499 EurTestedAlbum
Sony FE70-200F4G OSS1350 EurTestedAlbum
Sony FE70-200F2.8GM OSS2780 EurYesBinder
Sony FE70-300F4.5-5.6G OSS1400 EurCompTestedAlbum
Tamron70-300F/4.5-6.3Di III   
Rumiere75F0.95 4000 EurAnnounced 
Samyang75F1.8AF440 EurTestedAlbum
Reflex 75F1.8  Announced 
Meyer Optik Gorliz75F1.9Primoplan2000 EurTestedAlbum
Kipon75F2.4Iberit350 EurTestedAlbum
Sony FE85F1.4GM1900 EurCompTestedAlbum
Samyang85F1.4AS IF UMC320 EurTestedAlbum
Samyang85F1.4MF MK2460 EurTestedAlbum
Samyang85F1.4AF700 EurTestedAlbum
Sigma85F1.4DG DN Art1099TestedAlbum
Sigma85F1.4DG HSM Art1250 EurTestedAlbum
Meike85F1.8MF250 EurTestedAlbum
Viltrox 85F1.8PFU RMBH265 EurTestedAlbum
Viltrox85F1.8PFU RBMH STM350 EurTestedAlbum
Tokina 85F1.8atx-m540 EurTestedAlbum
Yongnuo85F1.8YN85mm  F1.8S  DF  DSM TestedAlbum
Sony FE85F1.8 600 EurCompTestedAlbum
Lensbaby 85F1.8Velvet500$TestedAlbum
Zeiss85F1.8Batis1200 EurCompTestedAlbum
Zeiss85F2.4Loxia T*1350 EurTestedAlbum
Meike85F2.8Macro290 EurTestedAlbum
Mitakon85F2.8APO Super Macro 1-5X   
Kipon90F2.4Iberit350 EurTestedAlbum
Sony FE90F2.8Macro1150 EurTested 
Sony FE100F2.8T5.6STF GM OSS1850 EurTestedAlbum
Tokina100F2.8Firin Macro640 eurTestedAlbum
Samyang100F2.8ED UMC Macro459 EurTestedAlbum
Meyer Optik Gorlitz100F2.8Trioplan II1000 EurTestedAlbum
Laowa100F2.82:1 Macro450 $TestedAlbum
Sony FE100-400F4.5-5.6GM OSS2900 EurTestedBinder
Sigma100-400F5-6.3DG DN OS Contemporary1000TestedAlbum
Sigma105F1.4DG HSM Art1500 EurTestedAlbum
Laowa105F2Smooth Trans Focus820 EurTestedAlbum
Meyer Optik105F2.7Makro Plasmat2500 eurTestedAlbum
Voigtlander110F2.5Macro Apo Lanthar1200 eurTestedAlbum
Mitakon135F1.4Built on order3000 eur  
Sony135F1.8GM2000 EurTestedAlbum
Sigma135F1.8DG HSM Art1400 EurTestedAlbum
Samyang135F2ED UMC499 EurTestedAlbum
Zeiss 135F2.8Batis2000 EurTestedAlbum
Sony200-600F5.6-6.3G OSS2000 EurTestedAlbum
Sony400F2.8GM OSS12000 EurTestedAlbum
Sony600F4GM OSS14000 EurTestedAlbum


SonyTC1.4 Teleconverter F1.4579€Yes  
SonyTC2.0 Teleconverter F2579€Yes  
Sony0.75 Ultra Wide Conversion lens


28mm => 21mm

280€ Tested  
Sony0.57 Fisheye conversion


28mm => 16mm Fisheye

330€  Tested  


SonyLA-EA3  150€   
SonyLA-EA4  250€   
SigmaMC11 Canon EOS vers Sony E270€   
MetabonesIV Canon EF vers Sony E470€   
Fotodiox ProFusion Nikon vers sony E370$   

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  1. Hello Marc,

    FE16-35 zeiss and G prices are mixed up

    vriendelijke groeten

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  2. Merci pour tous ces tests, dommage qu’il n’y ait pas le poids pour une recherche rapide d’objectifs léger.

  3. It would be very nice if the weight of each lens was in this list too. The size is of course important to a degree but from my point of view not needed, but weight is the first thing I check for a lens to see if it is feasible to carry around. Thanks, for the very nice work you do!

  4. It would be very nice if weight was in the list as well. Size is in my view not needed, but weight would be nice, it is among the first things I check to see if it is feasible to carry the lens around. Thanks for a very nice job with putting the list together!

  5. Very messy layout for what is obviously a lot of good content. What a shame.

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