CKMOVA Vocal X V2 – Dual wireless Microphone

1 Presentation

1.1 Introduction

CKMOVA is a Chinese manufacturer specialised in audio products

CKMOVA Vocal X V2 (240 euros) is a dual channel 2.4Ghz wireless microphone systems

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1.2 Specifications

The CKMOVA VOCAL X V2 pack come with

  • 1 Storage Case
  • 2 Transmitters, 1 receivers (30g)- 56x38x17mm
  • Built in microphone in transmitter
  • Microphone input/ Line input
  • 2 x Lavalier microphone
  • 10 hours battery life (600mAh)
  • Mic & Line level
  • OLED display
  • Furry Windscreen
  • 3.5 monitor output
  • 100mm range
  • USB cable x 3
  • TRS to TRS cable
  • <5ms latency
  • Mic polar pattern : omnidirectional
  • SNR : 80 dB SPL

The kit is delivered fully complete and ready to use. Each of the transmitter has a clip that allow easy fixation on clothes / camera

Both transmitter and receiver have an OLED display , they feel a little bit plastic and very light

There is also a white version if you prefer


  • Camera : TRS to TRS cable (included)
  • Computer : TRS to USB A cable (not included)
  • Phone with jack : TRS to TRRS cable (included)
  • Phone with type C : TRS to USB-C cable (not included)
  • iPhone : TRS to Lightning cable (not included)

2 Functionalities

2.1 Functionalities

  • The transmitters and receiver come already paired but you can repair them if needed
  • With the various buttons you can
    • Mute / unmute on both transmitter receiver
    • Change mic gain level
    • Switch from mono to stereo on the receiver
    • Switch from Mic input to Line input

The Oled screen show both signal strength on both transmitter & receiver and the level of your voice is shown on the transmitter which is very handy. You can also monitor with earphones the audio level on the receiver

Both transmitters and receiver allow to mute unmute the audio

with the switch Line input / Mic input you can use one of the transmitter for voice and another one with Background Music you plug as a line in and control the volume

The transmitter are delivered with a Lavalier microphone a furry windscreen and have an omnidirectional integrated mic

The receiver can be connected via the line out to a camera, computer or phone , it is equipped with a clip on which is a little bit big when mounted on a camera to the point it obstruct a bit the viewfinder , so you better fix it on a cage

All receivers/transmitter are simply charged via USB C charger

2.2 In Use  / Utilisation

In the below video you will see some tests made inside with some obstacles (3 floors of a house) and outside up to 150m

The CKMOVA connection stability is excellent : the range goes up to 150m (free field) and 3 floors (obstacles) whereas it was given for 100m

The sound is clear but the omnidirectional microphone and Lavalier microphone capture a lot of the environment noise, so you may want to invest in other Lavalier microphone capturing less ambient sound

3 Comparison with Rode Wireless GO II

3.1 Specifications and build quality

The Market leader for compact wireless microphones is the rode wireless go II (280 euros) the difference does not seem big with the CKMOVA Vocal X V2 (240 euros) but the Rode wireless Go II does not have a case or any Lavalier microphone with it , so you will need to add around 70 euros to have something to compare , so we are comparing 240 euros vs 350 euros

At first sight and taking them in the hand you see the big differences in size and built quality : The Rode boxes are more compact and feels much more solid and dense

Rode receiver do not have any screen , this is a key plus of the the CKMOVA Vocal X and it allows to monitor your recording level visually on the receiver

Standard functionality are quite similar (pairing , mic level, mute, PC/smartphone connectivity, 100m range) but the Rode has more functionality with internal recording on the receiver that allow to have a backup in case of transmission signal lost or a backup recording with a lower gain (e.g -10db). Rode is also providing a desktop software, a smartphone application.

The Rode is more discrete and the clip for the receiver does not obstruct the viewfinder like the CKMOVA

The CKMOVA has the mute/unmute on transmitter and also the possibility to switch to line in on the transmitter to use one of them for eg some Background music

3.2 In Use

  • Range : The CKMOVA shows much better performances in term of range
    • Indoor : Rode I start to get cut at 2 floors distance, CKMOVA no problems with 3 fllors
    • Outdoor : Rode start to have signal cut as of 75m , CKMOVA works well at 150m
  • Sound quality
    • The sound captured is of high quality , the Rode has various format options and quality level that the CKMMOVA does not propose
    • The Rode microphone and Lavalier microphone isolate very well from ambient noise (there are more directional) and provide a “mate” sound
    • The CKMOVA captures much more the environment sound and are less suited for interviews in noisy environment, so you may want to invest in another Lavalier microphone that the one provided

4 Conclusion

The CKMOVA Vocal X V2 (240 euros) is a nice all in one package providing quality wireless microphones

The quality of the connection is very good with no issue up to 150m ! , the recorded audio is very good

Outdoor, the delivered Lavalier microphones are capturing too much of the ambient noise to my taste. So you may want to invest in other Lavalier microphone

There are good and bad compared to the Rode :

  • Pros :
    • 150m range (in practice) vs 75m for Rode in same condition ,
    • Display of the volume on the the screen of the transmitter allowing to check your mic gain visually
    • some functions like mute/unmute on transmitter, switch to line in on one transmitter for background music
  • Cons
    • The build quality is lower ,
    • The receiver does not fit well on the hotshoe of a Sony camera and obstruct the viewfinder
    • No backup recording on the Transmitter like on the Rode

Recommended if you need extended range and need to control the volume from the transmitter side

You can buy it here in Europe : CKMOVA Vocal X V2

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Help me to run this site and continue testing new lenses and products with a small donation


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